JVersion is a very small Java program that displays the version of Java that you are using. Download it here:

Click on the icon of the downloaded file. If a window appears with a message like "Java version: 1.3", you now know what version of Java you have installed. Otherwise you either don't have Java installed, don't have it set up correctly, or don't have an implementation of the Swing toolkit. Either install an up to date version (from here, for example) or talk to your System Administrator.

The program is licensed under the GNU GPL.

Ibis drawing a line

The Ibis picture used in this site is modified from the white ibis pictured in A Pictorial Atlas of the Port Lavaca Area. As per their homepage , "Please feel free to copy any images you like... We do request that if the image is uploaded to a website...that proper credit is given." Proper credit and thanks are hereby given. I would like to ask permission to use a modified version, but I can't find an email address on the site.

Comments and suggestions to Simon Clay. Be patient - I only check the address once a week.

Ibis drawing a line

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