JPollution is a pair of simple Java programs that simulate a pollution sampling exercise. PollutionCreator provides a blank map onto which hills and buildings can be drawn. Buildings can generate one or both of ground water or airborne pollution. The map can be saved, and can be loaded by the other program in the package, PollutionSampler. This program displays the map and provides an interface that lets the user take a set of samples of the pollution, from which they can attempt to determine the suitability of the land for various purposes.

An "Instructor's Manual" is available, which covers installation of the programs and how to create and save a map. A "Student's Manual" is also available, which covers loading a map and taking samples. A third manual, the "Programmer's Guide" is documentation for those who wish to modify or extend the code.

JPollution is released under the GPL, which means that you are permitted to modify and redistribute the program and its source code. The main restriction is that if you distribute this program or a modified version thereof, you must do so under the GPL.

Getting JPollution

JPollution is written in Java. To run the programs you will need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE, also called a Java Virtual Machine, or JVM). There may already be a JRE installed on your computer, but if not you will need to download and install one. The official version is produced by Sun, although there are others. If you do not have Administrator priviledges on your computer you will need to speak to your System Administrator to do this. To find out if you have Java installed, and what version, follow the instructions on this page.

Once you have a JRE installed, you need only download the programs for the appropriate version from the links below, unzip them, and click on their icons to run them. The Instructor's Manual and Student's Manual, and a copy of the copyright and license notices are included. If you are interested in modifying the code, you will also need the source code and probably the Programmer's Guide. These are not needed for normal use of the program.

The Instructor's Manual and the Student's Manual are included in the zip files, but can be downloaded separately here:

The Programmer's Guide and source code (it's the same for all versions; only the compiled version changes) can be downloaded here. The source code is zipped up and includes a copy of the license and copyright notices:

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The Ibis picture used in this site is modified from the white ibis pictured in A Pictorial Atlas of the Port Lavaca Area. As per their homepage , "Please feel free to copy any images you like... We do request that if the image is uploaded to a website...that proper credit is given." Proper credit and thanks are hereby given. I would like to ask permission to use a modified version, but I can't find an email address on the site.

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