White Ibis



The Ibis is a family of wading birds, more interesting than I had realised when I registered this domain name. Why do I use this particular name? I like it. I use other names derived from it on various groups to which I post. I considered ibices.org.uk, but the ibex is a kind of goat and a rock in Utah. Amazing what you can find out from the internet.

Ibis drawing a line


I do a bit of bespoke programming for various people. Projects that I've completed are linked here.



Ibis drawing a line

The Ibis picture used in this site is modified from the white ibis pictured in A Pictorial Atlas of the Port Lavaca Area. As per their homepage , "Please feel free to copy any images you like... We do request that if the image is uploaded to a website...that proper credit is given." Proper credit and thanks are hereby given. I would like to ask permission to use a modified version, but I can't find an email address on the site.

Comments and suggestions to Me. Be patient - I only check the address once a week.

Ibis drawing a line

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